Be a Home Body

Why go out when you can stay in and enjoy some great DIYs, fun filled activites and pinterest worthy interiors to inspire you.


Why go out when you can stay in

We love to get out and experience new shops, restaurants, and local events, but sometimes it's better to #beahomebody.  Check out our top stay at home experiences and continue thriving from the comfort of your couch.



Now is the time to support your favorite local eateries from the comfort of home with take-out and delivery. Click here for a comprehensive list of Tahoe-Reno-Carson restaurants offering curbside or delivery.


Spending some time digging in the dirt has its benefits.  Being outside and planting a garden provides a great opportunity to absorb vitamin D and microorganisms found in soil have been shown to boost happiness and bolster the immune system.

Experience the Arts

For those that love the arts we suggest popping over to the Uffizzi in Italy, traveling through the world's oldest art galleries and discovering the ARt of color in this augmented reality experience. If you are more musically inclined you should check out the Social Distancing festival.


From the comfort of your living room that is. Thanks to Google street view there are now hundreds of locations all around the world you can virtually explore. We particularly enjoyed the Palace of Versaille, Carnegie Hall, and Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum. And if you're up for it you should head over to the San Diego Zoo or the National Zoo and see what all the animals are up to.


Make something new and yummy. Here are a few of our favorite recipe collections from some of our favorite food bloggers: White on Rice, The Pioneer Woman, Hip Foodie Mom, Stone Soup, and Creme de la Crumb.

Make your home beautiful

There are several home improvements that are best left to the pros, but there are several projects you can take on at your home that with beautify your space and raise your home's value. #beahomebody and check out our top DIYs for home.



Deep cleaning and decluttering can make the difference between a space in your home feeling tiny and dysfunctional to calming and purposeful.  Our recommendation, don't overdo it.  Pick one room or space to tackle at a time and when you finish a space meditate in it for a few minutes, breathing in deeply to acknowledge your accomplishment before moving on.


One of the best ways to give your home a fresh feeling is to clean and repaint your interior walls, trim and molding.  Click here for an easy DIY on painting a room.


One of the easiest ways to give your porch an instant pop is to add some fresh plantings.  Check out this DIY for plants that almost instantly give your home more curb appeal.


Install new blinds or shutters.  You can order new blinds or shutters online and have delivered.  Click here to an easy guide on how to install.


Design and install new house numbers.  You can add a little character and charm by going to a more modern number style or a more traditional font.  Here are a few easy and impactful house number DIYs.


Check out Forbes top 12 list of upgrades to increase your home's value.

Home is our shelter from all sorts of storms.

We are ready to help you find a home you'd love to #beahomebody in. Our Real Estate professionals are ready to show you virtually everything there is to love about buying a house you can call home.

Inspired Interiors

Be inspired to #beahomebody with these drool-worthy kitchens, baths and bedrooms and all around pinnable homes.  We hope these give you a little bit of inspiration to make your home a little more like the place you'd like to #beahomebody in.