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Certain things in life shouldn’t be a surprise, especially when selling your home.


Stand out from the crowd

With Chase Ready, your home will stand out from the crowd by providing buyers full transparency on the condition of your home. Buyers will know what they are purchasing and can make an educated and confident decision when making an offer on your property.

Your home is ready to SELL and easy for buyers to BUY!

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What distinguishes a Chase Ready Property?

Prior to putting a home on the market, Chase Ready Properties have completed the following requirements:

Full Home Warranty for Buyers: Coverage for the sellers during the listing period

Property Inspection

Fully Completed Disclosures

Preliminary Title Search

Why Choose to sell your home with the Chase Ready Program?

Benefits to sellers

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Attract Buyers

Buyers are more attracted to purchasing homes with the most complete information available.

Eliminate Surprises

Eliminates virtually all major surprises that often occur during the property inspection process.

Saves Time & Money

Allows you to complete potential repairs and improvements in the most cost-effective manner. By completing repairs prior to putting your home on the market, you have the opportunity to find competitive bids on repairs.

Reduces Stress

Greatly reduces the stress and lost time of canceled transactions due to repair requests.


 Chase Ready properties provide you with the assurance that your property is ready for transfer at the time the property hits the market.

Benefits to buyers



Chase Ready Properties provide buyers with the assurance that they are purchasing a home with the most complete information available. 


Chase Ready Properties enable buyers to make educated and confident decisions when writing a purchase offer.


Chase Ready properties protect the buyers from the high cost of unexpected systems repairs during the first year of their purchase.

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Disclaimer: Chase International Real Estate does not guarantee or warrant the condition of the properties represented by the company. Property disclosures are the full responsibility of the property owner. Chase Ready properties are offered in conjunction with Signature Title Company. LLC. The principal owner of Chase International has an ownership interest in Signature Title Company, LLC.

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