Sierra Meadows-Ponderosa

Local neighborhoods close to town, you'll love the mountain views and close proximity to all that Truckee has to offer.

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Sierra Meadows-Ponderosa

Popular with full-time residents, you'll find these two eclectic neighborhoods just a few minutes south of downtown Truckee.

Sierra Meadows is just off Highway 267 across from The Rock, a small, rustic-modern shopping center with many good restaurants.

Homes in this area are modestly-sized and priced, making it a good place to look for first-time homebuyers or vacation buyers on a budget.

Continuing deeper into the neighborhood, you'll find the developments of Ponderosa Ranchos, Pine Cone Estates, Martiswood Estates and Ponderosa Palisades.

The farther back you go, the larger the lots and the more upscale the homes.

Home prices in the area begin at $400,000 for a nice, small condo and go up to over $2 million for a custom luxury home.

For a personalized tour of this beautiful community, please reach out to one of our neighborhood experts.