Tahoe City-Sunnyside

Charming resort towns along the north and west shores of Lake Tahoe, you'll enjoy easy access to amenities surrounded by the wild beauty of nature everywhere you look.

West shore Lake Tahoe estate
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Tahoe City-Sunnyside

Gateway to the north and west shores of Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City is a walkable, waterfront town with everything you'd want in a perfect getaway.

This picturesque community offers a complete array of beaches, parks, shopping, restaurants and local nightlife, along with easy access to both the north and west shorelines via a popular regional bike trail, which can also take you all the way to Squaw Valley.

Down the west shore, you'll find the quiet community of Sunnyside, with a market, hotel, restaurants, camping and beaches.

Both areas offer an exceptional range of waterfront dining options, with some of the best views of Lake Tahoe you'll find anywhere. Here you'll also find some of the most incredible hiking trails in the entire region, with direct access to the unbelievably stunning scenery of Desolation Wilderness.

Many of the properties in this area are used as vacation homes, with prices starting at $300,000 for small studio condos and running well over $24 million for premium lakefront estates. 

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